I’m now preparing envelopes to mail few origami cranes tomorrow! The origamis will be flying tomorrow to the following IG friends: @earl52, @leslieb22, @nenirie, @negentem, @lcaruso25, @marnuca, @jboogs317, @jimenga, @plug1nbaby, @afarij, @liliamfujita_dm, @zenamed, @aysoetopo, @_lupin_ and also some family and friends in Brazil. There will be 6 countries receiving my cranes this time: Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, UK and the USA. I hope to have much more areas of the globe covered by origamis until the end of this project. IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE ONE OF MY ORIGAMIS, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT: yoyoferro@live.com with your address and IG username. So that’s all folks, have a good night! #yoyoferro1000cranes #origami #origamicrane #paper #fold #crane #envelope #mail #usps #iphonesia #printmyfeed (Taken with instagram)

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